10 Best Modern Home Design Ideas & Decoration

Our home needs to be the most comfortable space in our life. After a long day at the office, you just want to be back in your beautiful, cozy space. You can always add modern touches to your home to make it look more attractive and fashionable. Below are some modern design ideas and decorations to incorporate into your current home.


Position your furniture away from walls

Shift your living room furniture a few feet from the walls. This will add intimacy to your room when sitting with your family members. It will also allow your accent walls to stand out making the room vibrant.


Paint your walls white


White walls make the room appear more bright as it reflects light. You need your home to receive a lot of natural light during the day. White walls are a common trend among homeowners in these current times. Additionally, there are many shades of the white color. When used in the kitchen, it can make healthy diet foods for breakfast a better dining experience. 


Hang colored drapes


Colored curtains will create a beautiful contrast against your wall color. It is also a perfect way to add different textures to the room.


Make use of nature


This is mainly by using plants which bring life to a modern home. Look for unique plant pots that will complement the design of the room. You can position some plants by the fireplace. A centerpiece made of fresh flowers will make the room look lively and inviting. You can get fake plants instead which will not require regular watering.


Add traditional elements


To tone down the modern feel of a house, make use of traditional patterns. You can use patterned wallpaper or patterned tablecloths on the dining table. This will add a soft touch to the home while still complementing the overall decorations.


Glass showers


This has become an increasingly popular modern design idea. Glass showers add an elegant touch to your bathroom. They also help to open up the bathroom as light travels without any obstructions. It is also a great way to display any wall hanging in the bathroom.


Open floor kitchen plan


A kitchen that opens up into your living room is stunning. It gives you an opportunity to show off your finely polished silverware and stainless steel appliances. The marble countertops add color to the kitchen making it look vibrant. It also makes cooking and entertaining much simpler.


Use neutral floors


Gray floors are a modern trend. They make the room look simple and sophisticated. The dark color helps to tone down the brightly colored walled giving it a minimal look.


Closets with doors in the bedroom


This is the best way to control clutter in a modern bedroom. Doors will enable you to lock everything away leaving your bedroom clean and neat. Finely polished furniture adds comfort to a room contrasts any bright colors in the bedroom. This improves the ability to rest and sleep comfortably in the bedroom.


Open bookshelves


Create a collection of books in one corner of the house. It will add a calming effect in the house. Additionally, the books will add color to the room.